The Beginning

If you happen to be reading this, hey there!

I stumbled upon through a post on Mastodon, and it intrigued me enough to check it out. I love the company philosopy. I love the simplicity of the design too, both back and front end.

I'm so impressed that I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Pro account. For a mere $40 a year, or $4 a month, the feature list is impressive.

I'm sick of WordPress and although I have a blog run with Hugo (also awesome) I really want something that lets me just type and go, or post a quick photo, away from my PC. Hugo is great but I haven't figured out an easy way to do that. Plus, sometimes I'm lazy and it's good to have somewhere that has ultra low requirements on my brain.

So, this is my first post here, a quick test if you will. If all goes well I'll probably be reaching for that upgrade button very soon!